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Audio Engineer, Owner

Idaho Sound is owned and operated by Audio Engineer & Entrepreneur Brenda Francis. Brenda has a Master’s Degree in Business and a Bachelor’s Degree in Art & Entertainment Management. She has taught Live Sound at the University of the Pacific, recorded over 650 musicians, ran sound for hundreds of concerts, and led audio educational classes for 17 years. Brenda believes in encouraging others to reach for the stars, gain skills, and experience how exciting it is to work in the arts.

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Live Sound

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The Studio

Idaho Sound is a multimedia production company located 7 miles from downtown Boise on the corner of Overland and Shoshone. Our space includes two large studio rooms where musicians can have their songs professionally recorded, mixed and mastered.

Classes y lecciones de música para adultos y niños
El mejor lugar Idaho Sonido grabar su música cerca de ti
Se habla español. We also speak English! All genres welcome.
Grabar, mezclar y masterizar su  música.
Aprender cómo grabar música. Reggaeton, Rock, Latino, Jazz, y más.
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