Learn to create and mix music using a variety of recording software, in a professional studio.

Audio projects include mixing songs from prerecorded tracks, recording and editing interviews with music beds, and recording original musical pieces/bands. Class participants can also choose to learn hands-on Pro Tools, Logic Pro and/or Audacity.

An online library of videos, detailed notes, and access to databases gathered by the teacher is made available for more in-depth exploration that can be done at home anytime during the classes or in the future.

No musical experience is required but if musicians join they can record their instruments too. Fun and fast moving class with experienced audio engineer instructor. Ages 11 and up cost is $120 for 12 hours of audio engineer technician training. To be contacted about the classes click on the I’m Interested Button below.

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“I Recommend Brenda Francis’ Recording Class. Last month I took a class over four Saturdays. The class was taught by Brenda Francis of Idaho Sound. This was a total immersion experience. We were presented with an excellent, comprehensive textbook relevant to music recording and a binder stuffed with vital information relevant to the class curriculum.

In the course of four weeks we recorded, mixed and mastered individual interviews and three songs by a really good rock band. The class did all the work. Everybody had an equal opportunity to set up mics, engineer sessions and mix the results using premium Apple software. We learned about equalization, compression, reverb, etc. from the source material and hands-on experience. We walked out with a certificate and a thumb drive with what we ourselves had accomplished.

Brenda is patient, knowledgeable and a good leader with an eye on clock. I heartily recommend the class for both novices and people like me who have some experience in the studio. At the end of it, I returned to my modest home studio and recorded myself better than I ever had . Thank you, Brenda!”

~ Sperry Hunt

“I loved your class- it’s given me a lot more confidence, and has gotten me (mostly) over my technology fears. 🙂  Thank you for that.”


“This class helped me understand about microphones. The night we recorded music that was a big eye opener. I had never done anything like that before.”


“At first I didn’t know what I was doing. Then I went home and practiced and I thought this is actually pretty fun.”


“The handouts were pretty legit, terms, charts, things were laid out straightforward.”


“Throughout the course there was lots of Q&A and open discussion. Recommended!”

Brian, Owner, Red Shoes Audio

“I was so uplifted in the time we spent together and really moved by your approach to teaching and learning. You gracefully navigate a range of diverse people and experiences and make it meaningful with hands-on activities plus just the right amount of guidance. You are a brilliant example of how to facilitate the joy of learning. Thank you for sharing yourself with our class! I’m excited to have this opportunity to learn with you.”


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